Chef Victor Gloger

The Chef

With 30 years of culinary experience, eight years of work in France, and meticulous creativity, Chef Victor Gloger heads a kitchen which combines classical French with Mediterranean, using the finest raw materials and a variety of cooking methods, producing a superb kitchen – sophisticated yet simple.

The depth of Chef Victor Gloger understands of raw materials and food, his love of the profession, the uncompromising quality of his kitchen and his love of people are felt in every dish which for a decade has emerged from Chloélys’ kitchen. The motto which drives him is that cooking is personal fulfilment at its highest level, and that creativity and quality in cooking are achieved through discovery rather than invention, connection rather than by pretension.

Chef Victor Gloger’s endless desire to learn, deepen and renew is expressed in his love of hosting great chefs from abroad for meals where creativity reaches the highest level of connection between raw materials, kitchens, and people.

Chef Victor Gloger is committed to love of people, to connecting them through food, to joining local chefs who represent Israel around the world, and to peace, towards which he has established a chef’s peace forum.